Thursday, September 25, 2008

Veal Feel Better After an Udder Disappointment

Wow. Reality out 'onions' the Onion.

A chef in Switzerland HAS STARTED USING harvested human breastmilk for use in his recipes, in place of animal milk. This is posing a somewhat difficult position for the Swiss food control authority, because human milk was just not considered something they needed to regulate in commercial food preparation.
"[Humans] are not on the list of approved species such as cows and sheep, but they are also not on the list of the banned species such as apes and primates..."
Ummm. Right now I'm thinking that ape and primate milk has been specifically banned in Switzerland for the same reason they put 'Do not take orally' on the back of Preparation H...because some idiot has tried it that way.

But the real kicker is how PETA has kept abreast of foreign wheys and exposed the perks of milking humans for all their worth. They have SENT A LETTER to Ben & Jerry's asking them if they would please consider following the lead and using human breastmilk in their ice cream.

You know, for the sake of the cows. And the farmers who do the milking.

Unlike other places in the country, in my little community of conservatively-minded baby-havers, breastmilk definitely gets a fair shake. But who knew it would make one?

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