Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Rough Lie

Because I've gotten a couple complaints about my recent anti-golf-on-TV remark, I'll make it up to you by, well, doing it again. Sorry, bro. I hope THIS doesn't tee you off.

In all honesty, there are times when I find golf incredibly entertaining to watch. I hope you do, too.

But then again, because I play golf, I have a distorted sense of being 'in all honesty'. Golf makes more people liars than the IRS. Golf is a game were the ball lies poorly, and the players, well. It's a game where you yell fore, shoot six, and write down five. Few of you know this, for I rarely admit it, but I'm as Scottish as I am Italian. And you know the Scots. They gave us golf and called it relaxing sport the same way they gave us bagpipes and called it music.

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