Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dark Sophistry

I love reading about modern physics. It gives so much fodder to rip into. HERE'S a prime example of how far off the deep end some physicists will go in trying to justify their assumption that the modern phlogiston, dark matter, exists:
"Even nothing...weighs something"
he continues:
"and because in our universe we've got a lot of nothing, it has a major effect on our evolution and causes space itself to accelerate".
Really? How could someone say this with a straight face? In two lines we hear of nothing as the cause of something, nothing having being, nothing as a substance, and nothing having accidental qualities. What does NOTHING REALLY MEAN? Clearly, this is another example of 'Scientists' getting so enraptured with their theories that blatant violations of the law of non-contradiction no longer catch their attention.

Apparently, the reductio ad absurdum is no longer a viable recourse as a counter argument, and that's quite sad, because there is no longer a last resort to which we have recourse in logic--with the possible exception of yo' mama jokes.

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