Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And They Shall Be Known for Their Fruits

Or, more specifically, their fruitlessness.

Thanks, ladies, for LEGALIZING DIVORCE for a whole new demographic. Good job. I'm so glad the true love you had for eachother that couldn't be expressed in any way other than 'matrimony' has lasted the test of...time.


arowbee said...

That's such a shame.

You know, Duck, we can learn a lot from the gay and lesbian community. The number of divorces among same sex couples is much lower than that of heterosexuals. Also, among homosexual men, the unwanted pregnancy rate is 0%.

The Vitruvian Duck said...

While I can find no data to refute your 0% unwanted pregnancy rate, I must warn you that in regards to your lower divorce rate, I refute thee thus:


Unless you were saying "absolute number". In which case you'd be right, yet again.