Monday, February 2, 2009

Adopt a Word

Do you love words? I do, too. I just love researching the etymology of common and not so common words. Between THE PERSEUS PROJECT and THE ONLINE ETYMOLOGY DICTIONARY, I can disappear for hours.

And I am saddened to see interesting and rare words senesce, which is happening at a much more rapid and alarming rate now that instant messaging and texting has become the choice method for communication by adolescent foppatees. Gone are the days of veteratorian differences in intended meaning understood through greater vocabulary, in large part because so many of those great words of the past are dying out through lack of use.

That's why it's so important to keep those words alive and leeftail. We inveterate pedants must do our part!

Oh, sure, I've RECENTLY RECOMMENDED that we'd be better off if we used simple, short words to more felicitously get our point across, but there still are those times when good old-fashioned sesquipedalianism is needed to maintain an air of omniregency.

So I keleusmatically implore you to get off your pigritudinous buttocks and ADOPT A WORD!

h/t Dragoo

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