Thursday, July 3, 2008

Abstaining from Abstinence

Many states are now starting to REFUSE TAX DOLLARS intended for abstinence education. Citing rising pregnancy rates in many parts of the country, they are maintaining the argument that abstinence is just not working to curb teen pregnancies. I have two opinions on this.

As I've mentioned here before, I agree that abstinence education does not work. We need chastity education. God knows I'd be much better if it were explained to me in high school that chastity of mind and body would lead to a greater happiness than the gratification of sex. To have parents tell me to just not do it, when everywhere else I was hearing to Just Do It, was of no help in combating my high school health teacher (almost always the football coach, as it was in my high school) telling me to just use a condom and by the way here's a pocketful. That caveat aside, I do believe that abstinence education is better use of tax dollars than GIVING AN 11 YEAR OLD a morning-after pill for free. (Article from the U.K., but the trend is here anyway)

Secondly, while an increased pregnancy rate amongst teen is a bad thing generally, when viewed from the point of view that the abortion rate has dropped amongst the same age group over the same timeframe in the same demographic range, I'd say this is a positive. It's not that there are more pregnancies. It's only that fewer of those teens who are pregnant are choosing to kill their babies.

These two opinions, when taken together, lead me to a third. I am willing to bet x amount of dollars that the pregnancy rate will go up in those states eliminating abstinence education, at least for a while. Why? Teens are only going to be more active, and yet they won't be getting as many abortions. That is, until schools are once again allowed to teach that abortion is the best way out of that mess you've put yourself in.

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