Wednesday, July 23, 2008

lesbians 1, Lesbians 0

I thought that you would like an update on THIS post a couple of months ago. (and when I say 'you' I'd like to mean it in the plural, but I fear the truth) It seems that those Cretans who call themselves judges in Greece's court system DECIDED AGAINST the residents of the island of Lesbos who were trying to reserve the adjective 'lesbian' to those people who are actually residents of Lesbos.

Interesting note to remind us to act charitably: 'cretin', or stupid person, deformed of the mind or body, is from the Swiss French 'crestin', which in turn is from the Latin 'Christianus'. This was to remind people that those unfortunately deformed or dumb were nevertheless human and not beasts.

So I mean it in all charity that those stupid, psychotic and socially undermining lesbian cretins are ruining my language. But yes, they're as human as the judges aren't. Same thing goes for the FOOLS MISLEADING South Carolina. "So Gay?"


Ignoramus said...

Did you by any chance mean to write "Cretan" (cf. Titus 1:12)? It would fit better with the whole Greek-territory-naming issue.

The Vitruvian Duck said...

I did write Cretan. (or 'Cretans' pl.) and that text is exactly what I had in mind. (serious kudos points to you for spotting it)

Are you referring to my notes on 'cretin'?

I was playing one off the other, so I'm confused to what you're referring to...

Ignoramus said...

OK, you're confused because you're trying to understand what I wrote, which was confused in itself. Ignore the ignoramus.