Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Global Informing

Among the many reasons why I don't like the fetish of global warming is the insistence that its proponents make about acknowledging current figures in the movement: those pseudo-heroes whose self-promotion is usually at the foundation of the praise and public recognition.

I don't mind the debate, mind you; I think we'd be careless to not examine the theory with all rigor due, especially given the import of the consequences. But we should be questioning our answers, not assuming our questions are answers.

However, I do mind the maniacal fixation on the subject regardless of its truth or fiction. It leads to poor and unjust decisions to recognize the unworthy and ignore the venerable. Kinda like this:

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"Father Barry" said...

A fabulous clip, from a rhetorical standpoint. If someone were to watch it "embedded" this way, they'd have no idea until the very end. Quite a powerful punch.