Tuesday, July 1, 2008

God Is Dead Because We Euthanized Him

I mean, c'mon, God. Have some self-respect and die with dignity.

Modern science often forgets that it is not fitting, nay, is not possible, for any science or art to prove it's own principles.

Now, this also means that a science or art should not validate it's own worth by reducing all other possible views to obsolescence by means of repeated validation of it's own truth value. "I am the right idea. Therefore all others are incorrect. And because I say that there can be only one idea, all others are obsolete." Afterall, only children and idiots turn BITTER, clinging "to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them".

Even EINSTEIN thought that the idea of God was childish. Well no duh, Einstein. That's THE IDEA!

But perhaps the most striking statistic that I've read recently is in THIS article: 60% percent of Jews doubt God's existence. 60%? Are you kidding me?

But is it that surprising? If I weren't Catholic, I'd be either Jewish or an Atheist. And if I were Jewish, I'd quickly become an Atheist. I just wouldn't be able to handle, as the majority of Jews apparently cannot, the absence of the Messiah, or even the signals of God's continued presence in the world. I need the Eucharist. I am naturally a doubting Thomas, my fingers itching to prod and poke for belief. Can it be that Jews question the existence of a Messiah who still hasn't shown up? Are they getting impatient? Isn't that their habit as shown in Scripture? It's that, and they are being mislead by a scientific community that is repeating Satan's whisper: 'Because He is not obvious, He is not.'

At a lecture this past weekend, the claim was made that all of modern science's problems stem from a lack of understanding of 'substance' in the Aristotelian categorical sense. I think this is right. Modern science actually has a religion of its own, and it's called Materialism. They speak of quantity, quality, position, time, as if they are essential things, beings in their own right, and it is these things they worship. If they understand substance at all, it is in a primary sense-this particular particle. Secondary substances, universals, do not exist to physicists because they cannot be measured, no matter how large of an electron collider we build.

This is why, starting with FIDES ET RATIO, both John Paul II and Benedict XVI have been so concerned with the relationship between science and religion. We should listen to their philosophically mature ideas instead of assuming their wisdom is childish merely because their faith is.

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