Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Greatest Tom Swifty Ever?

I think this must be the greatest Tom Swifty:

'Geez Doc, I just can't seem to remember anything from the last 24 hours', Tom said lackadaisically.

I'm glad I now have this one, because I had previously not been able to decide which of the following Swifties were my fav:

'Elvis is dead', Tom said expressly.
'The doctor had to remove my left ventricle', Tom half-heartedly announced.

Tough choices, I know. But you can't have two superlatives at the same time in the same respect, as I'm constantly trying to explain to my daughter. And now all is right with the world...

...except that Jim Svejda comes to mind.


arowbee said...

That might be the best Tom Swift ever, I allegedly stated.

arowbee said...

"Did I leave ou out?" I asked y.