Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Life in the Pitts

True, many people are LEAVING PITTSBURGH and other great and historic cities because there just isn't that much happening there economically. But, the reality is that if the same Baby Boomers who are complaining about the changing demographics had not murdered so many of their children, they wouldn't be in this mess. By the numbers, 2500 innocent children have been legally murdered each year in Pittsburgh since January 1973, let alone the ones not counted from unrecorded yet equally intentional deaths caused by abortifacients like the Pill. While this doesn't explain away all of the demographic changes, it does when combined with the reality that with many less children comes less school choices, which gives people impetus to move. This is just the beginning of so many cities dying because there are no young people in them, and the elderly are at fault-they've literally killed the current working class generation of America.

Bill Clinton was, unfortunately, right about this: it's the economy, stupid. So, lets use that to our advantage! There should be a stiff tax assessed for abortions that covers the costs of caring for the elderly when they get old. They should be carrying the economic weight of all of those precious tax dollars not earned because they have 'chosen' to eliminate many a future taxpayer that would have done his civic duty adding to the Social Security coffers. That would cut the abortion rate pretty fast, eh?


Ignoramus said...

A steep tax would abortion the domain of the rich, whereas (from what I gather) abortion was originally intended as a means to thin the ranks of the poor and "inferior".

It bugs me to no end that Barack Obummer advocates free access to abortion when abortion was hatched as a racist plot against the black man and other supposedly deficient humans. And in fact, it has taken its toll most heavily on the poor black community--another of the "freedoms" that keeps them enslaved.

You cannot embrace freedom without embracing life, or life without embracing freedom!

Anonymous said...

Abortion/murder, my friend, is permitted to continue because it is a great means of reducing the world's population. We murder millions of children every year. The NWO is drenched in scheme after brilliant scheme to reduce us. Do your research!