Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Smells Like Conservative Teen Spirit

I never thought I'd actually like Courtney Love. In fact, I've spent my adult life arguing against the kind of philosophy and moral system she and Kurt Cobain presented and represented to my generation--a philosophy I myself lived until I began to think. But that she FOUGHT COERCED ABORTION from friends and doctors has quickly moved her up to near the top of my list of celebrities. I guess you could say she's my heroin heroine.

The irony of it all is that many women are coerced into abortions because they might suffer abuse if they don't kill their baby. In order to avoid a potential harm to child or mother, they actually harm both child and mother? So planned parenthood is fighting for the woman's right to choose by taking away her right to choose? 'You have a choice, but you may only choose abortion'.

Animals don't trick eachother into killing their own young. But man, beautiful and hideous man, has perfected the ability to lower himself below the beasts. And that very thing that separates us from the beasts--our rationality--is the machine we use to surpass the lower animals even in their irrationality.

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