Monday, June 23, 2008

All Natural, Organic Sex

More and more we are being bombarded with commericals, commentaries and articles WHICH PROMOTE HEALTHY EATING. Certainly, there is a lot of wisdom in taking care of your body, and for the most part, I agree that we are putting things into our bodies in today's world of mass-produced food that are just not healthy to ingest. But the fact is that I'm not one to get overly concerned about such things.

What I do get overly concerned about is when I'm belittled for drinking Mountain Dew by chemical activists who see all the causes and biological destruction wrought by bleached sugar and flour, yet they pump their body with chemicals to prevent or destroy conception. In my albeit limited experience of life, I still find it very commonplace that those who are most adamant about not ingesting MSG are also those that are most likely using various forms of contraception, and most likely THE PILL. Really. How many people do you know who are at once public activists for healthy food and also parents of large families?

Is the vegetative soul more important than the procreative soul? Why are unnatural chemicals and hormones and barriers ok with sex, but not with eating? That's ridiculously contradictory. Would you put a diaphragm at the top of your esophagus to prevent the possibility of food getting into your stomach to inhibit digestion? Isn't taking the pill the same thing as the premeditated vomiting in BULIMIA NERVOSA? Both allow you to binge in their respective vices; gluttony and lust, and both allow you to suppress the actualization of their respective purposes; nutrition and procreation. Both allow you to recklessly partake in their respective acts: binge eating and intercourse, particularly if you have a voracious appetite for either. (Bulimia is etymologically from the Greek boulemia, which literally translates to 'the hunger of an ox'.)

Surely, repeated use of the pill and other invasive contraceptives often causes major fertility problems for those who wish to start a family, if not infertility altogether. Rather than willfully overlooking this blatant crime against our bodies, we should all enjoy organic, all natural sex without any additives or preservatives, just as nature intended.

Next week: How prolonged exposure to Hegel and Nietzsche in your intellectual diet can bring about various kinds of brain damage.

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