Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Antarctica: The Sluttiest Continent on Earth

Ok, It's been well documented that many teenagers become promiscuous because of boredom. In fact, this is true for adults as well, and the fact isn't limited to the sexual appetite. 'An idle mind is the Devil's workshop.'. Now, of the major boring places in the world, Antarctica in the winter must be right up there at the top. But even so, I'm still shocked to hear that A SHIPMENT OF 16,500 CONDOMS was just delivered to the coldest continent. Apparently things get pretty hot down there in the winter amidst all that boredom.

But wait. There are only 124 people in Antarctica during the winter. A quick search on google yielded an average female/male ratio at 1:3 yielding a maximum of 31 mating pairs. (Logic is confined to the natural) Given that shipments will resume in mid September, those 16,500 condoms have to outlast the lust for about 100 days.

That's 5.32 unit units per each mating pair each and every day.


Seriously. That's ridiculous. Bring a book or some crossword puzzles.

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