Monday, June 2, 2008

Oddly Enough, I Shouldn't Loiter at Reuters

There's something particularly moving about THE STORY of the broken toilet on the International Space Station: Perhaps it reminds me that I would really enjoy coming up with news headlines myself:

Furthermore: I know I could handle a story about astronautical engineers caught with their pants down in deep space: and would work my hiney off for the news agency: given the gravity of the situation:

I would do my best to flush out many more jokes and plunge deep into the facts of how the particular breakdown of their only toilet is a real pisser: You might get plumb tired of my incommodious infecalities: but I could go on for many moons:

Headline writing is a kind of competition: you see: with the best puns coming from those covering the sports beat: but they're found in every section of the paper: I think I could hold my own given that there is usually no subtlety in headline punning: and most of the humor is of the bathroom variety:

As you can tell: it's almost too easy to accommodate toilet humor: Invariably: almost all humor written nowadays is of this same variety: Not to mention it's so childishly annoying that I fear this post may be my water loo:

(Oh poo: I think I've over-punctuated the colon joke:)

In my defense for such a crappy post: the hole thing was for the sake of emoting to Joe and Brian: I hope you enjoyed it just this once:

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