Saturday, June 28, 2008

That Doctor's Name Sounds Familiar

Dr. Philip Nitschke, an euthanasia provider in Australia, IS ADVISING ANYONE who believes they might have Alzheimer's to avoid being diagnosed. His argument runs something like: 'Surely you don't want to suffer from Alzheimer's. Before you start suffering, kill yourself. But to keep those who assist you (that'd be me) from being prosecuted, we need you to do it before there's any evidence that might convict us. Thanks for your help, and we hope your next existence is more enjoyable.' But in his own words:
"Don't go to your doctor. Don't have the tests done. And if you do have the tests done that show that you're starting to lose mental capacity, make sure it is not recorded..."
This is from the guy who told National Review "that the peaceful pill [a suicide pill] should be available to troubled teens."

Again, I'm more than willing to concede that Dr. Nitschke has the right to die. Let's all step aside and let him jump to the front of the queue.

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