Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt?

This will give you a very happy feeling. I guarantee it.

You really should go directly to youtube and see this in higher quality. It's well worth the time waiting for it to load. Just click on the video to do so. Also, check out MATT'S STORY if you're so inclined.

Seriously, if that didn't warm your heart you are either dead or had no soul to begin with.

For those of you accustomed to and expecting me to be critical, did you notice that the Americans were much wilder and independent and intentionally unchoreographed than all other peoples? The Americans were the only ones who were fighting each other for the title of being the most pre-eminently different...always seeking their 15 chronological units of fame, while Matt always deferred to other people having the foreground. I like that guy.

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