Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Spanking Has an Impact on Child Development

Idiotic Canadians. Once again, they're going south fast. This time they're OUTLAWING CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, and it looks like it's going to pass, as conservatives are getting smacked down in the media. Their current law of not allowing implements to be used on children under 24 months actually makes sense, but to completely eliminate the option for parents really bums me out.

Senator CĂ©line Hervieux-Payette deserves a nice pat on the back for suppressing parental rights of child rearing. I think she's just mad because her parents gave her such a stupid looking name. And she's Canadian.

Clearly, she's an intellectual welter wait.

Speaking of pats on the back, this is one of my favorite Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen quotes:
There is nothing that develops character in a young boy like a pat on the back, provided it is given often enough, hard enough and low enough.
But READ IT IN CONTEXT, it's even better.

I'm also fairly fond of this cartoon from 1860. It depicts Lady Columbia (early symbol of the United States of America) spanking Stephen Douglas, as Uncle Sam cheers on.

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