Friday, June 6, 2008

A Superb Example of Sublime Vocabulary Skills

Shall I say the editor of THIS ARTICLE languishes with languages? The only sentence of import is the following:
"Only the pyramid's base — or the superstructure as archeologists call it — was found after a 25-foot-high mound of sand was removed over the past year and a half by Hawass' team." italics added
I admit that laymen often mix up technical terms, but professionals shouldn't, especially when they make a living as fact checkers. Perhaps his understanding is only superficial, but even the youngest of children understand what 'super' means. I have known my share of stupid archaeologists, but none of them would actually call the foundation a 'superstructure', even if there were subterranean chambers. Maybe if they were superterrestrial...

Oh yeah. And the true spelling is 'ARCHAEOLOGY', not 'ARCHEOLOGY'. Why drop the dipthong if there's no extra cost to print? Isn't it more fitting for a science concerned with ancient artifacts to implement orthographic figures that are themselves ancient?

This is why we should study Latin and Greek from the 5th grade onward. Then idiots and other dipthongs would be less likely to mess with our precious prefixes. Unless, of course, today is opposite day; in which case you can ignore the superscription.

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